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My Stories

Ella Jane Book One
Meredith's Journey

The sweetly sensuous tale of a novice submissive 

The story begins Now out on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback
The only times you stop laughing will be to change batteries or take notes!

The Ella Jane Stories

Ella Jane Book One
Ella Jane's story continues, more high living and erotic adventures in New York
Coming Soon - Book 2
More adventures in New York's hotel penthouses and high society

Can they get away with all they want and can they learn to cope with one another's desires and pasts.

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Him & Her is a brand of bdsm restraints and toys chiefly crafted in steel. Our beautiful cuffs, collars and cuff and collar sets, and our ranges of steel toys and sensory play kits and available with stylish gift/storage cases.

We also offer leather single tail whips, floggers, and Bondage Belts.

Eternity style cuffs - available to order in various sizes

Ladies and Gentleman's butt plugs and the iconic new anal pleasure tool, the Bum Hither - unique design by Him & Her Erotic Steel
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